Serving the Mining Community for Over 30 Years


Mine Development Associates provides geologic and engineering services to the mining industry.  Our expertise lies in advising clients about their mining projects, at any stage of exploration, development, production, or closure.  MDA’s experience ranges from grass roots exploration to daily mine operations and includes every step of a project’s development.  Our goal is to provide clients with the best data and analysis of their project, allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding their project.  This can entail advising about sample handling procedures, developing models of the orebody, or optimizing and planning production schedules.  The end product allows for better utilization of resources and increased efficiencies.

Who we are

Our Registered Professional Geologists and Registered Mining Engineers are mineral industry professionals with many years working experience in exploration and operations. We’ve worked in gold, silver, copper, palladium, uranium, coal, gypsum, limestone, silica, and other industrial minerals. We have associations with other professionals such as Metallurgical Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Geostatistical Specialists, Geohydrological Experts, and Geographic Information Systems Experts, with whom we work on a regular basis to provide seamless, complete services to our clients.

How we work

Mine Development’s office is equipped with today’s technology.  We use industry-standard mining software (Surpac, MineSight, geostatistical analysis, Whittle pit optimization, MineSched scheduling software & Autocad), other specialized software (ArcInfo Geographic Information Systems, GeoSequel geologic data management), and some we’ve developed ourselves (production optimization and drill hole contamination detection software) to facilitate our analytical tasks and to help our clients visualize their projects.  Our degree of technical sophistication allows us to conduct our work efficiently.  We value our personal communications with our clients and encourage client involvement, so that our work is well understood and incorporates our client’s knowledge of the project.